This study introduces the first generation food printer concept designs and workable prototypes that target to revolutionize customized food fabrication by 3D printing (3DP). Different from robotics-based food manufacturing technologies designed to automate manual processes for mass production, 3D food printing integrates 3DP and digital gastronomy technique to manufacture food products with customization in shape, colour, flavor, texture and even nutrition. This introduces artistic capabilities to fine dining, and extend customization capabilities to industrial culinary sector.

The selected prototypes are reviewed based on fabrication platforms and printing materials. A detailed discussion on specific 3DP technologies and their associate dispensing/printing process for 3D customized food fabrication are reported for single and multi-material applications. Eventually, impacts of food printing on personalized nutrition, on-demand food fabrication, food processing technologies and process design are reported.

10387060_805585316150862_2247152675686620931_oI designed the posters and demonstration movie for the Singapore Art Science Museum Da Vinci Exhibition. Using Adobe Photoshop, After Effect, Premiere Pro to creative 3D Food printing Demo Movies, I hope people can understand more about 3D Food printing and willing to try one in the future.

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Questionnaire design include quantitative and qualitative research, help to improve applications in domestic cooking or catering services can not only provide an engineering solution for customized food design and personalized nutrition control, but also a potential machine to reconfigure a customized food supply chain.



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Demonstration movie for the Singapore Art Science Museum Da Vinci Exhibitiondsc02760-1

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