Our Story

  • Led team of 10 employees in all operation including sales, engineers and designers.

The Medical Division of Formosa Plastics Group is the most prestigious medical organizations in Taiwan with over 100,000 employees and 7 hospitals. FPD is also Taiwan's largest private enterprise. Led strategic development and planning of the official website platform in terms of UI/UX, MySQL database, A/B testing and GA related procedures, creating website prototype in just one week. Initiated relationship with Amazon to determine business needs to build and maintain Amazon AWS partnership. Developed business model to analyze implementation details of machine learning.  

Preventive Health Care Platform with 5000 followers

Build a media service platform for Taiwan’s health care


Our Approach

Integrating professional teams from Formosa Plastics Biomedicine, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, and Chang Gung University of Science and Technology, "i Medical Health Network" aims at "health promotion" and "disease prevention", and is committed to the popularization and promotion of preventive medicine concepts and knowledge, and health care related Professional knowledge is transformed into a set of easy-to-read, easy-to-understand audio-visual and graphic information through systematic and modular management, providing correct prevention and health care concepts, and checking the health of the people and health education knowledge. ", "health maintenance" and "preventive care" services to achieve the goal of prevention is more important than treatment.

Provide a comprehensive health information service for the whole people

"I Medical Health Network" uses the development concept of OTT (Over The Top) media to build a multimedia network service platform, allowing people to use smart devices, such as mobile phones, tablets and connected TVs, anytime, anywhere (anytime, anywhere ) Inquire and watch the audio-visual content and information services of preventive medicine according to your own needs.