In the past, the manufacturing supply chain was considered the core of a company’s competitiveness, focusing on production efficiency and cost. New thought patterns that emphasize understanding customer requirements, providing adequate user experiences, and increasing added product value through design and innovation are required. “Not only do the thing right but also do the right thing” is one of my favorite sayings. I believe that the five senses: sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell, are the key to a successful system interface.

In this project, our team defined the target market and optimized their website design. We redesigned the LOGO, Manu, Shopping Bags, Websites, Name Card and Facebook pages. Our total marketing services give WGT many and varied methods of growing their businesses through increased customer retention and customer conquest.



WGT located at UK ,Shanghai and Suzhou. WGT believes in the power of natural vegetables and fruits. They do not use deep-fry technique or use any artificial flavouring. They lovingly create dishes using their natural flavour and nutrition. Their dishes are inspired from the rich Chinese legacy in Health Foods. Original website:







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Facebook Pages  picture2

Website  UX/ UI design for PC and Smart Phone

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Team: Annette Li-an Chiu(Website UI/UX and name card design) , Yu-Hsuan Tsai (Keio University , Japan , Shopping Bags and Member Cards Design),  Ying-Chen Kuo(Menu Design, University of Michigan )