1. Meta titles are displayed in search engine results as a page title. It’s a good thing for SEO to have some custom and attractive ones. Be sure to fill at least the met information on your most popular pages
  2. Display image at its natural size, do not use HTML resize. It happens usually when you use handles to resize an image. You have a bulk edition tool to fix that.
  3. It is highly recommended to update or add new content on your website quite frequently. At least 3 updated or new content per month would be great 🙂
  4. The link title attribute does not have any SEO value for links. BUT links titles can influence click behavior for users, which may indirectly affect your SEO performance

Before SEO my personal website : 


After SEO: 


After added some search engine description. The meta description increases 11%.



<Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile>

It is the true story of myself; In October, I was finding data science job in New York City. I realized that was extremely competitive to get a dream job.  Imagine that there are 600 people want to apply for the same job as you apply.  How to be in the top 10% of 644 applicants and be seen by hiring the managers? Of course, we all know that education and working background and skills is a most important thing. However, optimize LikedIn Profile and SEO your personal website can make you outstanding in the career.

The ugly true is that if you can’t be found in the search engine, you are not “exist.”  Media exposure helps point people to your website and your LinkedIn profile. After I am done following things, some HR start to reaching me out.

  •  Your current job title is critical: don’t use a general title like ” Summer Intern ” instead you can use” Optimization Intern “or “Social Media Marketing.”
  • Add your skills like SQL , R, Data Analysis (minimum of three skills)
  • You need to add your industry and location and a current position
  • At least 50 connections. More connection in your industry can help you easier be found .
  • Get Written Recommendations. It is still important to have written recommendations from colleagues, management, people you manage


reference:  16 tips to optimize your LinkedIn profile

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