You can monitor the performance of your channel and videos with up-to-date metrics and reports in YouTube Analytics. There’s a ton of data available in different reports, like the Watch time, Traffic sources, and Demographics reports.

My youtube channel was created on Jan 27, 2013, with 40+ videos now. I used the channel to share several data science and infographic videos. Using the Youtube channel, I can I understand my target audience and the find out more business insight through the dashboard.



Youtube channel is thoughtful! Can help the “YouTuber” to track the watch time of the channel and watch time of any individual video.  That is critical function watch time of the channel can make manager understand the market and focus on the needs of the customer. Moreover, watch time of Individual video can help channel managers planning their videos. That said, different videos have a different optimal length, but in each one of them the rule of thumb will make it as short as possible. The average view duration of this video is about 1:30-2:00 which means shorter videos are better for getting people to watch the whole thing, which means — shorter videos produce a more engaged audience.



Geography vs. Gender


Nowadays, users more likely to use a mobile phone to watch youtube channel than the computer.  When consumers today need or want something, they reflexively reach for their phones.  Smartphone users are more likely to watch and share ads and content from brands. Therefore, your video content should be bigger captions and clear layout for the mobile users.  The simple composition of a picture can make the users more willing to view on the small screen.


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